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cassandra dodd personal trainer

Josh Bliss


  • +10 Years Military Fitness Instructor

  • Cert 4 Fitness

  • Cert 4 Training and Assessment

  • CPR & First Aid


  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Development

  • Functional Training

  • Challenges

  • Boot Camp and Small Group Training


In Josh's Words

Over the last 12yrs I've trained and programmed workouts for our soldiers in the ADF from new intakes strait from school to trained professional soldiers with many years experience.


Being a soldier myself over the years I found a passion for motivating and driving people to meet their goals.


After a heavy hit on a tour of duty i needed surgery. And while in rehabilitation centres I found myself training other wounded soldiers to the fitness levels they required to get back into the workforce. This opened up my eyes to the next phase of my life.


I've now spent my time training and setting goals for the fitness challenged personal and the injuries specific person that have trouble getting back into what they love.

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