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Our gym is fitted out with premium quality exercise equipment manufactured by Cybex International to rapidly improve your physical wellbeing, function and performance. Our fitness equipment is designed to deliver unparalleled results for exercisers ranging from first-time users to professional athletes. With the assistance of our friendly staff and our personal trainers you will be provided with a fitness program to help you reach your fitness goals.


Our gym is the largest gym and the only open-air / air-conditioned facility in Ipswich. We have great views of Ipswich and surrounds. On mild days, enjoy your workout in the open-air instead of the stuffy confines of conventional gyms. On days over 30 degrees, the air-conditioning will be used to keep you comfortable.


The Desk and Phone is covered from 06:00AM to 07:30PM on week days, and from 08:00 to 12:00PM on Saturday.



Check out our wak-through video below:

cardio equipment

We have rowing, cycling, total-body and lower-body arc trainers as well as running machines to give you the workout you need.

free weights

Free Weights

We have an excellent range of free weights which you can use. Free weights do not constrain users to fixed, pre-defined motions. Free weights can assist companion stabiliser muscles to strengthen at the same time as the targeted muscle, providing a more balanced workout.

selectorised strength equipment
Selectorised Strength Equipment

Our CYBEX equipment is designed ergonomically to provide you with a safe workout comprising of refined movement which effectively concentrates the strengthening of the targeted muscle area.

plate loaded
Plate Loaded

Our plate loaded equipment allows the isolation of key muscle areas. Our plate loaded equipment is best in class CYBEX manufactured machines that are smooth in motion, well-balanced, and can be heavily loaded to really intensify your workout.

Private Gardens

Our gym has plenty of space to sit and relax. Take advantage of our secluded seating areas to unwind before or after your workout. Or both.

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